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"Jeff has been an ardent supporter and tremendous catalyst to my personal transformation. His commitment to the fulfillment of others is relentless."
—Pascal S., former V.P., Merrill Lynch, New York, NY

"I can truly say that Jeff's honesty and insights - (not to mention his compassion and directness!!) continually resonate and support my well being."
—Harry K., Corporate Financial Consultant, New York, NY

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Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear

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Shift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in GearHave you experienced any changes in your life lately?

Have you experienced stress, anxiety, worry, irritability or depression?

For the majority of Americans, the answer to these questions is, “Are you kidding? Who hasn’t?!” With global political instability and a relentless economic recession causing a seeming endless string of upheavals from job loss, foreclosures, lost income, and divorce, it’s no wonder that living with turbulence now feels “normal” to most of us. Today, riding the wave of constant change seems harder than ever; BUT, there is help on the way!

Shift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear, published by GPP Life, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press, will be in bookstores on April 20, 2010. BUT you can get your pre-release copy TODAY, by clicking here:


Is your life running on all cylinders?

Do you wake up every day feeling joyful and energized?

Dr. Jeffrey HullHello, My name is Dr. Jeffrey Hull, and for the past twenty plus years I've been helping people shift out of pain and into possibility! I've developed a powerful (yet, simple!) method--the Life-shifting Method--for breaking through the fear and anxiety (real and imagined!) that stop us all...dead in our tracks. My colleagues and I have helped thousands to shift their lives into high gear.

Perhaps it is not an accident that you found your way here! Is it time for you to:

  • Master the upheavals of major change--in your career, in your relationships?

  • Release DREAD and embrace DELIGHT?

  • Have energy to spare and time to breathe?

  • Manifest the dream of your full potential?

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The Life-Shifting Method (TM) is an innovative approach to healing and personal growth that synthesizes the most up-to-date methods of life coaching and psychotherapy. My colleagues and I work with clients in every human domain—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—addressing the full spectrum of life’s challenges—past, present, and future. 

Do you want to heal and release the past? Do you need to get grounded and centered in the present? Do you want to build resources, skills and capabilities to help you live out your dreams? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on...about me, my work, and my wonderful colleagues and partners. You’ll be glad you did!